My Story



I'm a "GO TO GUY". I always was a "GO TO GUY". Back in the day in Chicago, I associated with people you don't ever talk about... the goodfellas, the deal makers, politicians, mobsters, etc. etc. Everyone from little old grandmas to the most corrupt of society came to me to solve their problems. If lawyers or the authority couldn't get things done, you called Rudy, the Go To Guy and I fixed it. And if I couldn't fix it myself, I found someone who could.

Then it happened. I had a life altering experience. I had a major heart attack and almost died. I now have three stents in my heart. It changed my heart completely and I decided to change my ways. I decided to help people any which way I can. Now I use my old school mobster knowledge and experience and apply it to everyday life... DOING GOOD!

So if you need anything in Las Vegas, just call me, CALL RUDY VEGAS!

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